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Helping Pets in the Scottsdale Area


Here at Hopi Animal Hospital in Scottsdale AZ, we understand that your pets are loved family members. We have been helping pets for over 23 years live longer, happier and healthier lives. At Hopi Animal Hospital, we provide numerous services to help your animals from when they are young until their senior years.

Animal Wellness

Having a checkup is just as important for your dog as it is for you. At Hopi Animal Hospital, we take care of your pet’s every need. It becomes even more important the older your pet gets, especially since pets cannot communicate about the little aches and minor pains they maybe experiencing. A good wellness exam will point out any problems they may behaving and discover any little issues before they grow into big concerns.

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm infection can be a deadly disease,one which is entirely preventable in your dog or cat. When you come in to see our vets in North Scottsdale, they can easily examine and diagnose if your pet may actually have heartworm disease. To avoid this once very common problem,your pet will need to take a chewable treat once a month. If it is difficult to give your pet medication, there are other alternatives.

Pet Neutering & Spaying

Spaying and neutering is an essential surgical procedure for pets that will not be breeding. Not only will their overall health increase, but their lifespan as well. Pets are almost always happier and tend to stay close to home when they are spayed and neutered. Aggressive behavioral issues in males can be avoided by early neutering. If you live in or around Scottsdale, Hopi Animal Hospital now offers neutering services to our clients.

Surgical Services

Just like humans, often times pets require surgical services. Whether they need to be spayed, neutered or have other medical issues our team is more than experienced to help. We are equipped to ensure your pet gets the same quality care you would expect for yourself. From bone fractures to eye exams, your pet deserves the best treatment by professional and experienced veterinarians. 

Boarding / Daycare

Scottsdale vets offers you one-of-a-kind pet daycare and boarding. If you are planning a vacation out of town or simply do not want to leave your dog at home while at work, we can help. The last thing you want to worry about while on vacation is if your pet is receiving the best possible care available. Your peace of mind will only come when you see your pet is healthy, happy, well cared for and is equally happy to see you when you pick them up. You will always know that your pet is safe and protected no matter where you are.

Pet Dental Care

As your pet ages, one of the greatest areas of concern is their teeth. One thing pet owners may not realize, is that getting their pet’s teeth cleaned can actually increase the pet’s lifespan. By avoiding rotting teeth, you will be eliminating many other problems that can arise from this condition. Hopi Animal Hospital employs numerous veterinarians in Scottsdale, AZ, who have extensive backgrounds in dental health for your pets. You will be able to get your pet diagnosed and treated in a timely manner, and will be able to avoid major problems in the future.


One of the worst nightmares for any pet owner is for their loved one to come up missing. If your pet ever gets out of your yard or away from you at any time, there is a way to ensure they will find their way home very quickly. Getting your pet microchipped is quick and easy,but there is a lot more to it than that. Provided that your contact information is up to date, we will be able to locate your lost pet with ease should they ever go missing. Unfortunately, some owners forget to update contact information on microchips when they move or change numbers. Do not let this happen to you!

North Scottsdale veterinarians are here to help you with all of your pet’s medical concerns. Contact Hopi Animal Hospital today at 602-494-4674, and we will begin leading your pet down a road of healthiness and happiness.




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